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Building Foundations by Teaching Fundamentals

About Coach Alger

Alger Medina grew his baseball roots in his native country, the Dominican Republic, where he began playing baseball at the age of four. There is a saying in the DR that "these kids have been playing baseball since they were born." It's everything. On any given day, while out on a drive, you can see youngsters fashioning balls out of rocks or battle caps and bats out of tree branches or broom sticks. 

Alger's father, who also played baseball from a young age, grew up playing with the likes of Felipe Alou and the Alou brothers, Juan Marichal, and Manuel "Many" Mota. The latter started a baseball organization in which his father became the President of Operations and continued in the position into his late 70's. That is where Alger grew up learning the game. 

The game of baseball is imprinted in Dominican's DNA. Alger was fortunate to develop and play this wonderful game as a professional signed by the Colorado Rockies. The fundamentals of the game have been the greatest gift passed down to Alger by the wonderful coaches he's had during his baseball career. 

"Watching baseball from the stands is completely different than playing it on the field. The game is both physical and mental. It moves fast... split decisions must be made with little time. Preparation and fundamentals are at the core of the game," says Alger. Coach Alger's goal is to pass down the knowledge he's acquired to as many young men as possible who love to learn and play the sport.


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